ghost touch fix - ghost click fix

why does the acer iconia click itself? the capacitive glass surface gets static charges from the aluminum foil inside the upper screen. Also there is a problem with the lower right screw on upper screen plastic infront of the touch panel - you dont need this as it transfer static charge - remove for less ghost click. pop out the two quadratic plastic pieces on the right and left of the bottom part of upper screen and unscrew the screws. separate the screen partly, as you do not want to open the whole machine, with a thin plastic piece or your nails as I did. cut one piece of tape equally wide as screen, put that on the capacitive glass parts lower non-transparent area - this is difficult as you may almost not get your fingers in there - use a ruler to push it onto - stuck it on one side first to aid yourself in the process. cut two pieces of tape and isolate on the sides of the web camera hole. cut one piece of tape of screen height and cut that on the middle two have two halfwide full screenheight pieces, and put them on too. now you are done! you allmost have a perfect machine tho you need to do my vent fix too get a non-crashing cool machine as well.